Bonafide Bangers is the latest and greatest in not having a shithouse playlist of tunes when hanging out with friends and/or family.

How to play

  1. Try and play the best banger you can muster.
  2. Throw down a point for songs you quantify as Bonafide Bangers.
  3. Tally all the points on a scoreboard.
  4. That's it.


  1. Go your own way

    Play the music as loud as you want (within reason)

  2. Bring it on home

    Bring the previous persons device back

  3. Switch-a-roo

    You have 10 seconds to change songs/devices

  4. Ride it out

    Listen to the entire song

  5. You sing, you vote

    Always, capeesh

  6. Browser block

    You can only browse for a song whilst the person before you is playing a song


Is Bonafide Bangers a drinking game?

Everything can be a drinking game. But there are no drinking rules, it's not like some seppo bullshit.

Do the points matter?

Nothing really matters.

How do you keep score?

Pen and paper, sharpie and beer carton, or some newfangled score app, 'sall good.